Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Taylor Ho Bynum's Plus-size Ensemble

Been a while since I've checked in with Taylor Ho Bynum, the trumpeter, cornetist, composer, arranger, educator, essayist, head of the Tri-Cenrric Foundation, and all-around good person. During his years at Wesleyan (mid-1990s and mid-2000s), I saw and heard him on numerous occasions as a bandleader, participant, and conceptualist.  I've interviewed him on the radio several times, reviewed his albums, and almost always enjoyed the challenging music he's created over the past 2 decades.

I was thrilled to read that Taylor has a new project that will feature his music played by a very large ensemble, the 15-member PlusTet.  He's currently in the midst of funding the project with plans to record on 1/11-12/2016 - go to www.indiegogo.com/projects/taylor-ho-bynum-s-plustet-dream-band#/ to find out more - and become part of the support group. Depending on what level you choose, you can receive a CD, attend a studio performance/recording session at the Firehouse 12 warehouse space in New Haven, CT, receive additional CDs from THB's impressive output, and even sit and sup with the ensemble prior to the performance.

Check out the list of band members (5 of whom, marked with an *, are seated above THB in the photo), a cross section of  of collaborators past and present; scheduled to record and perform are Nate Wooley (trumpet), Stephanie Richards (trumpet), Vincent Chancey (french horn), Steve Swell (trombone), *Bill Lowe (bass trombone, tuba), *Jim Hobbs (alto sax), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax), Matt Bauder (tenor and baritone sax), Jason Kao Hwang (violin, viola), Tomeka Reid (cello), Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), *Mary Halvorson (guitar), *Ken Filiano (bass), and *Tomas Fujiwara (drums).  

You can see from the personnel listed above why Taylor is so excited to play and perform.  Check out the website listed for more information and, to learn more about the young man with the horn, go to taylorhobynum.com.  

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