Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pick of the Week Special Edition

May I introduce Elliot Flaxman Kamins, the son of our daughter Rachel and her husband Joel Flaxman.  Like many long-anticipated "wondrous" events, he arrived early in the morning, showing up on Friday April 6 (yes, a very Good Friday) in time for his first seder.  ("Why, Elliot, of course" was my immediate reaction to the first of the Four Questions; Why is this night different than any other night?)  He moves into a world of mischief, mayhem, political bluster (he'll certainly stay warm since he lives in Washington D.C.), food and water shortages, abject poverty only a few miles from his new home, and so many promises.   Elliot has a loving family who will do try their utmost to nurture his creativity and teach him that his world can and should be one of many communities that will support him in any and all endeavors.

Can't help but notice Elliot has big cheeks on his handsome face; perhaps his first exposure to jazz should be John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie. Perhaps his first CD or download should be the recording pictured below, the wonderful "WeBop" from Jazz at Lincoln Center and its resident "big drummer man", Matt Wilson. Hmmmm.....

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