Friday, February 4, 2011

The Braxton Archive and Beyond

Anthony Braxton, over his long and multi-faceted career, has produced scores of recordings, so much so that it has always been hard to keep track of what he's doing and when he did it.  All that is about to change - no, the good Professor (he's on the faculty of Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT) is not laying down his many reeds or his pen.  Read the informative press release below and follow the links provided.


New York, NY - On Tuesday, March 1st, Anthony Braxton and the not-for-profit organization Tri-Centric Foundation will publicly launch a comprehensive new website documenting the composer's music and legacy. The site, to be accessible at, will offer an array of unprecedented features, including exclusive access to Braxton's extensive personal archive of live recordings and the first-ever digital downloads of the complete out-of-print catalog of releases from his own Braxton House label.

True to its name, the Tri-Centric site will be split into three parts: a one-stop informational home for the composer and the foundation; a 'friendly experiencer' section for an immersive jump into Braxton's sound world; and New Braxton House Records, an online label dedicated to offering Braxton's music for convenient and affordable download.

New Braxton House Records will be releasing two album-length downloads per month, with material ranging from recent Ghost Trance Music concerts to rare recordings from the 1970s, from solo saxophone recitals to orchestra performances. The label's initial release will be a Sextet (Philadelphia) 2005, a double album-length performance from Braxton's long-time working ensemble featuring the composer on saxophones, with Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Jessica Pavone (viola), Jay Rozen (tuba), Carl Testa (bass), and Aaron Siegel (percussion). Additionally, for a limited time the website will be offering a free album download: Septet (Pittsburgh) 2008 with the same ensemble plus Mary Halvorson (guitar). The full catalog of the old Braxton House imprint from the late 1990s will also be available in downloadable format for the first time.

Customers can buy any recording on an a la carte basis, or may choose to become subscribers, receiving each month's two new downloads plus 10% off all back-catalog items for $12+1 a month, with all proceeds from the sales directly supporting the Tri-Centric Foundation. Additionally, in a move reminiscent of Frank Zappa's Beat the Boots, the website will be culling from the hundreds of unauthorized Braxton concert bootlegs available online, 'liberating' those with the most historical value and offering them free-of-charge.

About the Tri-Centric Foundation:
The Tri-Centric Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports the most ambitious work of eminent musician/composer Anthony Braxton, while also cultivating and inspiring the next generation of creative artists to pursue their own visions with the kind of idealism and integrity Braxton has demonstrated throughout his long and distinguished career.
Specifically, the foundation encourages broad dissemination of Braxton’s music through creation of, and support for, performances, productions, recordings and other new media technologies. It also documents, archives, preserves and disseminates Braxton’s scores, writings, performances and recordings and advocates for a broader audience, appreciation, funding and support base for Braxton’s work. The new website is a critical component of this larger mission. 

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