Monday, August 13, 2012

Check This Out: Jamie Baum's New Project

Flutist-composer Jamie Baum has a fascinating new project - it has already been recorded and, like many musicians, Ms. Baum is appealing to listeners and fans alike to help bring the music to a wider audience.  Allow her to explain:

First question...What do you, your readers, King George I of England (Patron of George Frederick Handel), The Duke Johann Ernst of Weimar (Patron of J. S. Bach) and the National Endowment of the Arts have in common?
Choose your answer:

  1. The love and appreciation of great music
  2. Have discerning taste
  3. Appreciate the importance of supporting the arts and individual artists

Answer: All of the above!

Second question...what’s a nice Jewish girl like me doing... playing jazz and  making a recording of music influenced by a Pakistani Qawwali vocalist, with an Iraqi trumpet player, a Palestinian percussionist and a pianist from the UK? 

Choose your answer:

  1. Creating new, unique and beautiful music
  2. Creating detente between the US, the middle east and South Asia
  3. Having a blast!

Answer: All of the above!

By now, you are probably getting an idea of where I am going with this! But hopefully I’ve peaked your interest, right? You’ve come this far...SO if you would please take a moment of your time and click on this link, I will be so, so appreciative*!

Ms. Baum's 2008 recording, "Solace" (Sunnyside), is such an impressive CD on many levels (compositions, arrangements, solos and group interplay.) When you click the link above, you will get a small taste of her new project;  hopefully, it will pique your interest as it has mine.

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