Thursday, May 9, 2013

Live and Electric Saturday Night

The Uncertainty Music Series, curated by bassist/composer Carl Testa, has certainly been busy lately. Now, they have posted the monthly Concert Series at Never Ending Books in New Haven, a set of 4 concerts that commences this Saturday, May 11, with the appearance of 9 Volt.  This electric trio, composed of Rick Parker (trombone, electronics), Eyal Maoz (guitar) and Tim Kuhl (drums), released its debut CD last September on Out Now Records. Titled "Open Circuit" (one should expect a number of puns surrounding the Trio's name), the explosive recording features guest artist Tim Berne (alto saxophone) - also, the drummer on the disk is Yonadav Halevy.

The music is exploratory, interactive, noisy (at times), insistently melodic and rhythmical, intense, thoughtful and more.  In person, one imagines that the Trio can emphasize its dynamic range to its fullest. The show begins at 8 p.m. and Never Ending Books is located at 810 State Street in the Elm City. For more information, go to   To get a generous sample of the band's music - no charge - go to  You also buy the recording at that e-location.

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