Saturday, December 17, 2011

More on Bob Brookmeyer

In the rush to get  my previous post on Bob Brookmeyer completed, I forgot to mention the influence the arranger/composer had on the life and work of Darcy James Argue.  When you listen to the debut CD of DJA's Secret Society, "Infernal Machines" (New Amsterdam), one can hear brass sweeps, long sections of melodic development and just how important a strong drummer (in this case, Jon Wikan) is in the music of a larger ensemble. And you can trace that style back to Bob Brookmeyer.  Like most smart, creative, and hard-working composer/arrangers. Argue adds other influences to the mix to make the music his own.  Go to and read what Mr. Argue has to say about his mentor and friend.

Then, go take a look at what 26-year old Nicholas Urie (click here) has to say about Mr. Brookmeyer.  A teacher, an elder statesman, a friend, a mentor, Bob Brookmeyer, through his life's work, set an example that not only resonates through his music but now courses through the creations of his students and admirers. 

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