Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Usually, this column is concerned with music, especially modern jazz.  The excitement of hearing a drummer push the beat, a saxophonist fly over the changes, or a guitarist go from low to high in a flurry of notes sets  my mind, body and heart abuzz.

Thankfully, that feeling has never disappeared for more than a day or 2 at a time.  The past 6 months, keeping this blog alive has not been easy what with the health issues of my wife (she's much better) and the search for new employment.  No, I'm not looking for a handout, for sympathy, for get-well cards - music is still a big part of my day but putting my thoughts onto the pages of this comfortable format has, understandably, taken a back seat to more pressing issues.

Yet, I am such a lucky person.  We live in a great town, are involved with a goodly number of communities within the city limits and are supported by and, in turn, support good people.  I continue to be impressed by the fine citizens who donate time, food, clothing and/or money to the needy, the homeless, the working poor and the scores of children who survive without one or both parents and live in less-than-comfortable surroundings.

After a rancorous election season, where millions upon millions of dollars were spent to win a  position that could be used for such good (and instead, is an invitation to the "rich man's club - great benefits and super retirement), the Thanksgiving holiday reminds us of the importance of family, of security, of the simple helping hand and what we can accomplish by listening to each other.

Enjoy this time if you can. Be thankful for your health. Play, dream, love, and live for peace.

Here's a treat from the new Randy Weston CD, "The Storyteller", courtesy of Motema Records and IODA Promonet.

The StorytellerRandy Weston
"African Sunrise" (mp3)
from "The Storyteller"
(Motema Music)

More On This Album

Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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