Monday, January 9, 2023

17th Annual Francis Davis Jazz Poll


For those of you who do not know Francis Davis (pictured left), he is an exceptional writer, critic, and has won a slew of awards for his music journalism and even a GRAMMY. For years, he hosted the Jazz Critics Poll that appeared first in The Village Voice, moved on to several sites (including NPR) and landing several years ago at, a web-based online arts magazine based in the Boston, MA area. One of that sites goals has been to pick up the slack in arts coverage due to the loss of area newspapers.  Best of all, the site looks at the many and varied genres/artists that  one is interested in.

Critic/writer Tom Hull has been working with Davis on the poll for years and took over the heavy lifting for 2022.  Below is a series of links where you can see the results Hull collated from over 150 jazz critics and writers plus read his essay as well as one from Francis Davis and finally, the list of Jazz Notables who passed in 2022.  I am honored to be one of the participants and really enjoy reading what the other contributors have chosen. Hope you do as well!

Tom Hull has organized the four links on his web page––check it out by going to

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