Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exciting New Live Music

Friday April 9, Firehouse 12, 45 Crown Street in New Haven, presents Happy Whistlings for 2 shows, 8:30 and 10 p.m. 

This quartet is a newer project for pianist/composer Myra Melford and is, in the composer's words, "inspired and based on Uraguyan writer Eduardo Galeano's 1982 book "Memory of Fire Trilogy: Genesis".. with both notated music and improvised sections for various groupings within the quartet." Joining her will be Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet), Satoshi Takeishi (bass) and Mary Halvorson (guitar.)  The group will be recording in the studio earlier in the day, most likely for the venue's record label. Earlier this year, Firehouse 12 Records released Ms. Melford's brilliant "The Whole Tree Gone", featuring her BeBread sextet. 

For ticket information, go to www.firehouse12.com or call 203-785-0468.

Next week (4/16), the "12" presents Playdate, a quintet featuring longtime friends Wayne Escoffery (saxophones), Amanda Monaco (guitar), and Noah Baerman (piano) with Henry Lugo (bass) and Vinnie Sperazza (drums.)  Their self-titled debut was just issued on the Posi-Tone label.

Noah Baerman will be my guest this Friday on WESU-FM's "EYE On The Air" at 1 p.m.  WESU-FM is 88.1 on the dial and is also available at www.wesufm.org

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