Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Every Day!

So many people make such a big deal about the New Year, as if turning the calendar was the first step in making those "monumental" resolutions one tends to break before the month is out.

Instead of relegating the previous year to distant history and designating the current year to be "the best ever", why don't we make every day we're on this earth the "best day".  By that, pay attention to the examples of human stupidity, carelessness, vitriol, and ignorance in the newspapers or on television or in your Twitter feed and resolve not to be that kind of person.  Get out of the house (if you're not snowed in or ill) and attend a live performance, a movie, an art museum (or any museum) and become involved.

Change begins at home and, if by home one means inside our selves, then so be it.  Looking at the state of the world or the human condition and saying "that's never going to change" is a sure sign that it won't change.  Feeding one hungry person does not save the entire city but it does help that one person.   If our kind gesture helps that one person back onto his or her feet and that person decides to "pay it forward" however he or she can, that's good.  If that person does not not do anything, so be it.  That does not mean you should not try again.

Happy Every Day! Not poetic or even awe-inspiring but I try to make it work for me.  Be well!

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