Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jason Crane

Although we have never met or talked on the phone, I consider Jason Crane (pictured left, photo by Seth Freeman) a friend.  We have several mutual interests, jazz and poetry as well as being involved in radio.  However, he is an excellent interviewer as one can hear if you go and click on any one of the 400+ chats he has had musicians and jazz folk over the past 5 years.

Mr. Crane has talked to musicians who have been around many decades and influenced so many young players, folks such as Sonny Rollins, Jimmy Heath, Jack DeJohnette, Gerald Wilson, Ron Carter and Wadada Leo Smith.  He has also shone his spotlight on younger musicians just finding their way through the complicated landscape of creative music but who so obviously have gifts we should not ignore -  here I am thinking of people like Kate McGarry, Melissa Stylianou, The Wee Trio, Darcy James Argue, Amy Cervini and many, many others.

If you look over to the right of these words, you'll see the 3 latest downloads from The Jazz Session - the one on top reads "A Special Announcement."  Within the first few seconds, Jason Crane tells us "I’ve decided to end The Jazz Session."  He goes on to explain why, all of which makes sense because, even though the podcast is listener-funded, he just cannot afford to carry on - though the show is first-class, Jason Crane has no permanent address, no other paying gig, and is separated from his 2 young sons.

Not asking you to feel sorry for him, just want you to know there are people out there doing what they really love to do and who sometimes have to walk away from it.  Those of us who love jazz will miss The Jazz Session, but, after the end of October 2012, the show lives on in its archives. Check it out and say "thank you."

Go get 'em, J.C!

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