Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hiatus Listening & Watching: Podcasts & Artistic Video

Among the orders I have to follow over this hiatus, sitting still and lying down are among the top 10. So, I have been watching some television and poking around YouTube as well as other sites.  But, I have been also listening to podcasts.  I am hooked on Leo Sidran's "The Third Story" as he is not only a musician but also a fine interviewer.

This morning, I checked out his interview with Duchess Trio, that delightful vocal group featuring Amy Cervini, Hilary Gardner, and Melissa Stylianou.  One learns a lot about how to keep a group together, about the history of each vocalist, and even an impromptu (sort of) performance.  Go to and check it out. While you're at the site, check out the other people he has interviewed (including his father, Ben Sidran).  There's a lot to learning from listening.

That should logically lead you to this: They are such engaging people, it's easy to sit and listen to several episodes at a time.  It's summertime, time for lazing about, time for enjoyment but, with all the political and social unrest at the moment, one might  feel as if frivolity is just wasted time.  It's not, nor should it ever be. If we lose our senses of humor and perspective, we run the risk of becoming one-dimensional and, frankly, dull.  So, my prescription would be "one episode per day. morning, noon, or night."

Here's a video to enjoy as well:

I started this series with a short set from the Vadim Neselovskyi Trio.  Here's a new video the Ukranian-born pianist posted this week from his January 2017 release "Get Up and Go" -  this track features the lovely voice of Sara Serpa:

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